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71 of The Best Places to Learn to Code For Free

by Bikram Aryal
8 minutes read

Learning to code has never been more accessible, thanks to the abundance of free online resources. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your coding skills, these 71 platforms offer a range of tutorials, courses, and projects to help you learn to code for free.

1. Codecademy: Offers interactive coding lessons in various programming languages.

2. freeCodeCamp: Provides a comprehensive curriculum covering web development and JavaScript.

3. Khan Academy: Offers programming courses, especially focused on JavaScript.

4. Coursera: Offers free courses from universities and institutions worldwide, including computer science and programming.

5. edX: Provides courses from universities and colleges, covering various programming languages and technologies.

6. Udemy: Offers many free courses on coding topics, especially introductory ones.

7. MIT OpenCourseWare: Provides MIT course materials for free, including computer science and programming courses.

8. Harvard Online Learning: Offers free computer science courses based on Harvard’s curriculum.

9. Stanford Online: Offers free computer science courses from Stanford University.

10. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN): Offers comprehensive resources on web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

11. W3Schools: Offers tutorials and references on web development technologies.

12. The Odin Project: Offers a full-stack curriculum for web development.

13. Code.org: Provides coding tutorials suitable for beginners and kids.

14. GitHub Learning Lab: Offers interactive coding exercises and projects.

15. Scratch: Provides a visual programming language for beginners, especially kids.

16. JetBrains Academy: Offers hands-on projects and coding challenges in various programming languages.

17. Google’s Python Class: Provides resources to learn Python programming.

18. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science: Harvard’s CS50 course available online for free.

19. Khan Academy’s Computer Programming: Offers courses on computer programming concepts.

20. The Code Player: Provides interactive coding videos to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

21. Learn Python the Hard Way: Teaches Python programming through practical exercises.

22. The Net Ninja: Offers free tutorials on web development and programming.

23. SoloLearn: Offers bite-sized lessons in various programming languages.

24. Learn-Verified: Offers free coding challenges and courses.

25. Microsoft Learn: Provides free resources and tutorials on Microsoft technologies.

26. Egghead: Offers free web development tutorials and videos.

27. Bento.io: Curates free coding tutorials from various sources.

28. CSS-Tricks: Offers guides, tutorials, and articles on CSS and front-end development.

29. HackerRank: Offers coding challenges, competitions, and tutorials.

30. LeetCode: Provides coding challenges and solutions for practice.

31. Codewars: Offers coding challenges to improve your skills.

32. Project Euler: Offers mathematical and computational challenges to solve with programming.

33. Odin Project: Offers a comprehensive curriculum for web development.

34. 30 Days of Code: Provides coding challenges for 30 days to improve coding skills.

35. CodePen: Offers a platform to experiment with code and see real-time results.

36. Stack Overflow Documentation: Offers community-contributed documentation on programming topics.

37. HTML Dog: Provides tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

38. Codingame: Offers coding challenges and games to learn coding concepts.

39. Udacity: Offers free coding courses from beginner to advanced levels.

40. TechCracked: Offers free coding courses and resources.

41. The New Boston: Provides tutorials on various programming languages.

42. Learn to Code HTML & CSS: Offers beginner-friendly tutorials on web development.

43. JavaScript.info: Offers in-depth tutorials on JavaScript and web development.

44. Dash by General Assembly: Provides interactive coding lessons and projects.

45. CSS Diner: Teaches CSS selectors interactively through a game.

46. Techie Delight: Offers coding challenges and practice problems.

47. Coding for Everyone: Offers introductory programming courses.

48. JavaScript Garden: Offers in-depth guides on JavaScript quirks and features.

49. Khan Academy’s Algorithms: Provides interactive tutorials on algorithms.

50. PHP.net: Official documentation and tutorials for PHP programming.

51. C++ For C Programmers: Helps C programmers transition to C++.

52. SQLZoo: Offers interactive SQL tutorials.

53. SQLBolt: Teaches SQL through interactive exercises.

54. Google’s HTML/CSS Course: Provides free courses on HTML and CSS.

55. Learn-OCaml: Teaches functional programming with OCaml.

56. RubyMonk: Offers interactive tutorials on Ruby programming.

57. Grok Learning: Offers coding challenges and courses.

58. The Java™ Tutorials: Official Java tutorials from Oracle.

59. Learn X in Y Minutes: Offers quick guides for learning programming languages.

60. Code School: Offers free coding courses on various topics.

61. Code Avengers: Provides free coding lessons and projects.

62. Udacity’s Intro to JavaScript: Offers a free JavaScript course.

63. Learn to Code With Me: Offers coding resources and tutorials.

64. Swift Playgrounds: Teaches Swift programming through interactive iPad app.

65. C Programming.com: Offers tutorials and resources for learning C programming.

66. Scala Exercises: Teaches Scala programming through interactive exercises.

67. The Rust Programming Language: Official documentation and resources for learning Rust.

68. Kotlin Bootcamp: Offers tutorials for learning the Kotlin programming language.

69. Go by Example: Offers examples for learning the Go programming language.

70. Lua Programming: Official documentation for the Lua programming language.

71. Unreal Engine Documentation: Offers resources for learning Unreal Engine development.

Remember that consistency and practice are key to learning to code. Explore these platforms, find the ones that resonate with your learning style, and dedicate time daily to improving your coding skills. As you progress, consider contributing to open-source projects or building your own projects to solidify your skills.

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