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Ten Cornerstones for Personal Growth

by Bikram Aryal
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  1. NEVER GIVE UP: I go by my choice, if I choose to do something then failure is no more option for me.
  2. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: Every moment is precious; invest it wisely.
  3. PRACTICE MAKES US PERFECT: The moment you bring something into practice either you will succeed or you will fail. When you succeed or you fail you need to let it go and keep on building your practice.
  4. KEEP MOVING FORWARD: Make mistakes but learn from them. Do the right thing but don’t stick with them. Grow out of it!
  5. ADAPT TO CHANGE QUICKLY: Only the one is stable in this world, who can accept the changing world & change himself according to the changing world. That change is called creativity and creative thinking.
  6. BE HAPPY IN ALL SITUATIONS: It does not matter what you’re working on, if your basic nature is to be happy, you will be happy anywhere.
  7. HONESTY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS: Make your intension always clear and good.
  8. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING: A career has no level, good or bad. It’s up to you how much higher level you can take it to.
  9. FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTH: In the realm of strengths, I find my true north.
  10. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: The significance of your verbal exchanges holds less weight. The display you present to the world carries minimal importance. What truly matters is your internal dialogue when solitude embraces you – what thoughts you share with yourself.

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