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Unlock Your Morning Potential with Mindful Rituals

by Bikram Aryal
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SILENCE: (Maintain Morning Serenity) Maintain silence in the morning so that your brain relaxes and works in full performance. Meditation, Prayer, Yoga (Peace of Mind)

AFFIRMATION: (Empower Your Subconscious) Repeat the statement that you want to become and feed it to your subconscious mind. I’m a confident person. I’m fearless. I’m the greatest person ever born on this planet.

VISUALISATION: (Harness Imagination’s Power) Use the power of imagination to visualise the person & his quality you want to become.

EXERCISE: (Energise through Physical Activity) Do at least 30 minutes of sweating exercises.

READING: (Fuel Personal Growth through Literature) Read self improvement and personality development books.

SCRIBING: (Capture Your Inner Dialogue) Write thoughts, ideas, or anything that comes to your mind, that you think is important.

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